Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - first day

Hi everyone! First off, Happy New Year 2009!!
This post will be about my first day with my Tamagotchi + color.
The first thing you get when you put in the battery is the clock which you have to set (picture below). Don't you just love the faces on all the clocks? :D

Then I was asked to enter my birthday and my name. I had to refer to a Hiragana chart to spell out "Ge Se", it does sound a bit like my name in short. Anyway, I was then presented with a cute egg rolling around the screen which hatched after a minute. I managed to take a picture right when the egg started hatching: I was expecting a boy because most of the logs I read on the internet mentioned that they got a boy in their first generation. But, surprise surprise...I got a girl!! so sweet ^_^ Here's a picture of her saying my name:

The character name is Nokotchi...I'm not sure if that means anything in Japanese. She was very needy at this stage as is common with all tama-babies. I was happy to see that the C-click animation is present on this Tamagotchi. Here's a close up shot of my baby :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love the details on this tama. Althought the color screen is a novel feature, everything else is pure Tamagotchi. Bandai did a great job on the animations and the color screen is put to good use. Look at the screen below and notice how the screen turns dark when the tamagotchi gets sick, a really nice touch, don't you think?

Anyway, a few minutes later my Nokotchi went to sleep. I was sooo happy to see that they included the sleeping animation. I didn't like that they had removed the sleeping animation on the recent tamagotchis. But this one was a real treat (notice the face on the bed)

An hour later my Nokotchi evolved into her child stage...but I'll be keeping that a secret for now ;) Check back later for more updates, pictures and info.


yoko said...

I live in Japan.I have gotchi+C too! I am taking care 9th gotchi now.
Have you find happy sign all? There is gotchi castle. Yes, you can go!!

Yoko said...

I live in japan. I have gotchi+C too.I am taking care 9th gotchi now. Did you find happy signs all?
There is gotchi castle. Yes,you can go! I am interesting in gotchi music star!

Jesmond said...

hi Yoko. Wow 9 gotchis at the same time? That's a lot. Good luck :) can you tell me if the name I spelled (ge se) is correct? I mean, does it actually spell as Gese?

David said...

this tama thing is in Japanese or English?? i plan to buy, i scare i can't understand those xxx.

Jesmond said...

It's all in Japanese, but that shouldn't stop you from buying this tama. There isn't much Japanese to read so it's very easy to figure out.

OsuMesu21 said...

Her name has the same origin as the male baby's name, actually.
Kinotchi and Nokotchi - both come from the Japanese word "Kinoko", which literally means "mushroom".

Awesome pictures! Can't wait to read more. :)

Yoko said...

Hi.Jesmond! I am Japanese gotchifan.
Your name is Guze yours call.Your gotchi(Kinochi)called you because maybe hungry.
Not same time.My gotchi got married 9 times and have baby.

Jesmond said...

Thanks Yoko, I was hoping that I'd have at least spelled out 1/3 of my name right :(
Yes, now that you mention it, my tama always says my name when it's hungry (I accidentally left her hungry on two occasions).
Congrats on reaching the 9th generation, I hope that I can do as good as you :)

Tamagotchi Fan said...

You are so lucky you have the Tamagotchi+C! Do you have to pay in Japanese money?

Paule maria said...

wow, a color!!!!!!! xD COOL

Anonymous said...

wow, a color!!!! xD cool

TommAhHawk said...

I just got the colour today too! Well actually it`s the new Hexagotchi plus colour. I could only get it coz I`m living in Japan at the moment.
You spelt your name Guse, but I don`t think your Gotchi will mind! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh,evryone have TMG+C!!!This is not correct!!!I want one,too!!!I want to live in Tokio!!!