Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Lovezukintchi

My TMGC+C finally grew into her adult stage. She's become a Lovezukintchi! Again, this is the first time I've had this character even though she was on the V5. I've been talking to some TMGC+C owners and most of them have been getting Memetchi a lot. Although I love Memetchi, I wanted to get a different charcter so I took average care of her while in the teen stage (her hunger meter dropped completely a couple of times). I was hoping to get Gorippatchi but I don't mind at all that I have Lovezukintchi, she's adorable :) here she is:

Also I haven't mentioned that I changed her living room style. I love this Japanese style, I'm hoping to refurbish all the rooms (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc) and change them to this style. However refurbishing is very expensive so this might take a while.
I've taken a picture of the meter screen. Notice the happy bar. This is extended every time you find a happy item. There are seven happy items to collect. So far I've only managed to get 3.

Also here are a couple of pictures I took of my Lovezukintchi going to the fair:

on the train

having the ride of her life :D

feeling dizzy @_@

I'll be updating again as soon as Lovezukintchi gets married. Till then: peace out :)


OsuMesu21 said...

Awesome pictures! LoveZukintchi is one of my favorite characters. :)
(Interesting fact: before the V5, she was on the TamagoChu, which were special breeding pets, similar to the Tamagotchi Mini combined with Mesutchi and Osutchi)

As for Gorippatchi, she's obtained the same way as Oyajitchi: get an oldie and breed. Male babies become Oyajitchi, female become Gorippatchi.

Also, try getting the Story Book (through the Mystery Seeds tree). Something funny happens when she uses it! ;)

Jesmond said...

thanks for the info Osumesu. so that means that I can't get Gorippatchi unless I buy another TMGT+C?
I've actually planted a mystery seed a few hours ago. I think I'll speed up the growing process ;)

OsuMesu21 said...

Jesmond, actually, you can bring Ojitchi or Otokitchi to the Matchmaker. I've seen it done on a Japanese blog. :)

Jesmond said...

Oh, thanks soo much for that tip, I didn't know about it. I'll try that on my next generation since right now I'm really curious to see the mating animation.