Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tamagotchi V5 - make Your Tamagotchis Grow Faster

I'm writing this post because many people have been asking me how to make their tamas grow faster. I've been receiving many emails and posts regarding this. Hopefully this post will diminish the number of emails I'm receiving about this topic:
There is NO WAY That you can make your tamas grow faster. There has never been this sort of cheat and probably there never will be. You can however, debug your tama (by opening the unit and scratching a panel marked "debug" with a pencil). However this only works with US tamas and I would not recommend it because you cannot undebug and sometimes the debugging process breaks the tamagotchi.


silentshadow 1 said...

should i try it on a tamagotchi i dont want?

Anonymous said...

I have successfully Debugged then Undebugged my tama v4.5 without breaking it. It is still in great condition just the sound echoes from it From taking it apart. You can only choose your character on the v1- v4.

To Debug:

1: unscrew The Battery cover And remove the battery

2: Unscrew the 4 little screws in the corners of the battery cover thing near the battery.

3: This Should take you to the circuit board. There, You will See the small semi circles with the word "debug" Near it.

4: Take a Lead Pencil And Lightly Make circles On the debug semi circles. Do this About 8 Times.

5: Screw The 4 Small screw Cover back on. Now Put The Battery In. If An egg Appears With a Black Line At The Top Of It, You Have done It! If Not, repeat Step 5 and then try the battery again.

How To Undebug:

1: Unscrew The Battery Cover And Circuit Board Cover To see the circuit Board And Debug Button.

2: Take a Eraser And Lightly Erase the pencil marks on the debug button.

3: Screw back on the circuit board cover and put the battery back in. If you Did It right, The Egg Should Be Back to normal. If not, The egg will still have a line at the top And You need to repeat step 2.

Note: You Can break Your Tamagotchi By Doing Eiether Of These. So Don't do This Unless you are able to go to the store to buy another tamagotchi or are willing to break yours. You can only choose your character on the v1- v4. You could also debug, choose your character, then undebug, Put the battery in, Then Select download and you will have the character!