Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Sakuramotchi

My Nokotchi had turned into a Sakuramotchi :D I've never had this character before because I haven't bought the V5 or V5.5. But now here she is in full color and a glorious resolution. Awseome :) Below is a quick picture I took of her. I have no idea what the thing in the left of the screen is...my guess is that it's a Japanese New Year's ornament? Can anyone clarify this?

I also took a picture of her while she was outside. As you can see I planted a tree. Trees will bear different items when they grow up. the items can be stored and used.

I cheated a bit and turned the clock to 6.59 am and waited for one minute. then I went outside and the tree grew. I repeated until the tree had grown full size and...a paint palette! :) Sakuramotchi uses it to paint pictures, Kawai!

Sakuramotchi has now grown into her teen character. I'll be telling you all about it in the next post, so check back in a few hours! :D


Anonymous said...

The thing on the left is rice cakes. Its a traditional Japanese New Year's decoration.

Anonymous said...

HI! How much did your tamagotchi +color set you back (I apologize that this question is rude btw).

Tamagoctchi said...

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