Monday, January 12, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Kuribotchi

Hi everyone, well since last time I logged my new baby boy grew up into his child stage: Kuribotchi. I've always loved this little guy and it's been nice having him around. His animations are simple but cute. He blushes a lot and it's so kawai when he does it :D. I was going to take a picture of him doing his blushing thing but he had already grown into his teenager stage (a Young Mametchi again...I so wanted to get a Kikitchi). Here are a couple of pictures I took of him:

Kuribotchi just hanging around

closeup of Kuribotchi

Also I've recently received my first ever Angelgotch. I've been wanting to have one of these for years, and finally I have it!! Oh it's so simple but so cute. I'm loving it so far. It's really easy to take care of and feels so small in my hand after I've been using the TMGC+C these past few weeks. However I'm having a problem with the back screws. I wanted to change the batteries to new ones so I tried removing the back. Well one of the screws came out easily but the other one is stuck. No matter how hard I wrestled with it, it just wouldn't budge. So I had to give up and use the old batteries that were already installed, but I don't know how long these would last since they've been in there for twelve years! the screen already is looking faded. I'll try to remove the battery again if I find the time. wish me luck.

My new Angelgotchi


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm lucky that I found your journal :)
I don't know, why my tama is not in the room like on your pic "Kuribotchi just hanging around", but in the room with presents and flowers... What shall I do? Celebrate my Kuribotchi's birthday? How? :)
Help please :)

Jesmond said...

You can change the styles of all the rooms by going to the carpenter and choosing from a number of styles. To access the carpenter feature go to the forth icon that looks like a door and choose the third option (I seem to recall that it's the third option... My tama is sleeping right now so I can't check).

Anonymous said...

Thanx for you reply,
but I understood yesterday, where the problem was :)
I input 2 times current date instead of my birthday :)

Anonymous said...

omg where did you get your angel gotch and your other thing where u show the acorn guy WHAT COUNTRY DO U LIVE IN i need to know where to get on of those! (each!)

watergale said...

what is an angelgotci?