Friday, January 23, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Meidotchi

If you've seen my previous post you might already know that my Tamagotchi morphed into a Meidotchi. Anyway, I decided to post some more pics of her:

Close-up of Meidotchi

Having a bath in her new bathroom

As you can see in the above picture, my Tamagotchi now lives in a palace! :D I bought all the Royal themed rooms and to my surprise the house became a palace. I love how realistic they made this tama, so many small, tiny details. The rooms were all very expensive but today I had to stay at home cos I've got a cold or something, so I had enough time to earn lots of gotchi points...I cheated a bit actually ;P I played the memory game; you know, the one where you are shown a set of cards and then they are hidden and you have to remember where the cards were. Well I decided to cheat a bit: I quicly took a picture with my brother's iPhone each time I was shown the cards, then I referred to the picture on the cell-phone to see where the cards were! I never lost once :D
Anyway, about my Meidotchi,I'm not going to let her get married, instead I'll wait till she becomes old and grows into Otokitchi, then I'll marry her to an Ojitchi so that I'll get Gorippatchi. I'm not entirely sure if this will work but that's what I've been told (thanks OsuMesu :D).
I'll keep y'all updated :)


Anonymous said...

If i buy the Tamagotchi+C will I have to pay with Japanese money?

Jesmond said...

if you buy it from a shop, yes, you'll pay with Japanese money. But if you buy it online you'll pay with your local currency.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying to my question quickly Jesmond. I was wondering, what are the games on the Tamagotchi+C? And how do you tell that your tamagotchi is happy?

Jesmond said...

There are practically 3 games on the TMGC+C. One of them is an apple catching game, where you control a basket at the bottom of a tree and catch falling apples. The other is a memory game: you are shown 15 cards; the cards are then hidden and you have to remember which card was in what place. The other game is a target game: you have to hit 3 targets and avoid popping the balloons.
You know how happy/unhappy your tama is by checking on the meter (the first icon). The happy meter can be increased by finding 7 special items. I wrote a whole post on how to get these items. Once you collect all 7 items you are allowed to visit the Tama King at his palace and play a new game (similar to the apple catching game but instead of apples you catch Gotchi Points).

Max said...

i just wanted to say that the music star IS NOT THE V6. Bandai is working on it as we post ;)