Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tamagotchi Collection

Today I decided to take out all my Tamagotchis and take a picture of them. Here's the result. They're all the tamagotchis I have right now (except an Osutchi which doesn't work, so I did not include it in the photo). The only Tama I'm running is the TMGC+C (bottom of the photo).
Quick update the Meidotchi on my TMGC+C is currently 9 years old and she still has not changed into Otokitchi. Does any one know when she might change?


Akari said...

Kool collection!You have almost as many as me ^-^ i have 20 O.o I used to have more but needed some extra cash *bye bye Tamagotchis!!*

Vin said...

I only have four. I have: Uk flag V3,
flames V4, Ninja V5 and a headphones music star. Here's a vid I made with pivot stick figure:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesmond,
I think your tamagotchi+color should evlve at age 10 but make sure you refuse all the matchmakes offers.

Tamagotchi Crazy

ps: 1 currenty have 14 tamagotchis;)