Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Chamametchi

I took a couple more pictures of Chamametchi before she grows into an adult. It had been snowing for days on the TMGC+C but today it finally started raining and so I decided to use an item I bought: the umbrella.

I loved the umbrella animation. It was so precious :D Chamametchi started running around with it and then she goes off screen for a few seconds. Then she appears again floating down, using her umbrella as a parachute.

Also you may notice that the hapohapi tree has grown to full size. After Chamametchi ate the heart -shaped fruit she received a visit from Hapihapitchi and her happy bar increased. I'm currently trying to get another happy item by using the magnifying glass, but nothing has happened so far.
Till next time.

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