Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tamagotchi + color review

This post will be an initial review of the Tamagotchi + color which I just received today. The first thing I'll be talking about is the physical proportions of the Tamagotchi unit. The length and height is not so much different from previous tamagotchis (compared with a V1 below). Although it is a bit larger, the difference is not that noticeable.

The screen is exactly the same size as previous Tamas (I measured it :D) with the difference that it is now in color obviously. The buttons are not made of rubber (as was the case with all the other tamagotchis). I really like the new buttons, they're very easy to press and respond quickly. I've had some issues with rubber buttons before particularly with the response time. These new buttons definately don't have this issue. The main difference in this unit is the depth, it's really thick (picture below). The new size does require some getting used to I'm afraid. I don't see why it should have been so thick. The fact that there are 2 AAA batteries isn't really an excuse. However I find it very comfortable to hold in my hand, it feels really solid. The material is very good, there's no cheap plastic here and all pieces fit perfectly together. I particularly like how easy it is to take off the back cover; there's a small button which, when pressed, pops the cover out automatically, genius :D !

The major, and obvious, difference is the new screen. I really really like it. It actually looks so much better than I expected. The animations and tiny details make good use of this screen. I simply love the faces on all the objects! So cute!!! The resolution used is satisfying enough, finally I can see the characters the way they're supposed to look. Below is a quick snapshot of the color screen. Please note that the actual screen loks a lot better than what you're seeing in the above photo. The pixels aren't so noticeable when seen in person.
Check back soon, I'll be posting a detailed log of my first hatched Tamagotchi + Color :D


Gabriela said...

wow....i want it so bad...but here in brazil they are a little bit expensive,,,
i wondering if its really worthed =[
thanks for the review

Anonymous said...

bù how Am I Gunna get it now

Anonymous said...

i really want one.. i'm just worried that i'll get one in japanese from ebay.com and then a few months later will be an english one come out and i'll be mad i wasted my money on one i cant even understand..

Jesmond said...

I don't think that this tamagotchi will be ever released in America or Europe. Also, it is very easy to understand even if it is in Japanese. So if you really want to get one, go for it :)

Ricky said...

its true, the tamagotchi+color wont be realesed for america. thats why i dicided to get one. mine is 36 dollars (hexagontchi)

Anonymous said...

I liked it a lot, the only thing was they don't have as many toys or accessories to play with and only a couple codes, in my other tamagotchis the store always had a lot of stuff or it updated all the time.

Anonymous said...

Two years after you posted this, I stumbled upon it. Great review, thanks for writing it. I just ordered my Tama Color, am very much looking forward to it and feel that it was worth the money. :)

Anonymous said...

i really want it too...so bad!I was just wondering what color your tamagotchi is..i know it's pink, but I noticed it's a bit different :/
Anyway..I would like to know the price in Indonesia..hope it's worth it! >.<"