Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tamagotchi + color cheats / codes

Ok, this is just a quick post. these past few weeks I've been scouring the internet for all things TMGC+C and I've been putting all information I find on a text-file. I did not write all the sources for some of the things I found. So please if you see a piece of information that belongs to you, don't hesitate to tell me about it and i will give you the necessary credit.

Anyway, here are some codes that I got for the Tamagotchi + Color. I found these from a number of different websites. I've also tested them out and they all worked out for me. To use these codes, scroll to the connection icon (5th icon that looks like a heart) then choose the second option and enter the numbers below:

37414 95226 - Christmas Cake
80155 05372 - Doughnut
58748 72213 - Sweet Potato
84328 41937 - Hapihapi seeds
17140 03794 - McDonalds seeds
93151 09844 - Letter seeds
83512 94047 - Mochi
14751 26428 - Chocolate
13231 37549 - Cookie
82643 70716 - Picnic
41286 51789 - Koshiwa Mochi
15640 37912 - Umeboshi
79327 71819 - Watermelon
37017 98238 - Shaved Ice
92849 51716 - Tsukimi Dango
18752 32429 - Candy

Note! when the Hapihapi seeds are grown they produce a heart fruit which, when eaten, calls for a visit from hapihapi. This will raise the happy bar.


Anonymous said...

BTW, The sweet potatos make your tamagotchi fart!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's like constipation farts! My tama was like arrrggh!!! PUSH!!! PUSH!!! It was TRYING TO FART! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Mine wont fart! It wont even eat it! It farts when it chews gum! Is it messed up?

kalee said...

Mine just cried and screamed and the happy meter went down.It got sucked into a ball of dust!

bobby joe said...

That "ball of dust" was a fart stupid.

yellowpanda101 said...

what does the dude at the park say?

Anonymous said...

mine is like it wont come out push push rippppppppppppppppppp lol

Anonymous said...

the dudes at the park talk about weather, playing at the park, and the turtle dude tells fortunes. duh!

Anonymous said...

my tamagotchi picked its nose and a big green booger came out!LOL
(then he blushed)

Anonymous said...

he he he

Anonymous said...

How does he pick his nose? Automatically?

Sttaacciiee said...

It won't let me enter the code.
It says login logout code. And the login code is already entered so i tried to enter it on logout code but there were not enough digits

Anonymous said...

@staaciiee, These codes are for the Tamagotchi + Colour, I'm assuming you were trying the codes on an English connection version, at the Colour doesnt have log in log out codes, these will only work on the Tamagotchi plus Colour.

Anonymous said...

Stop being an stupid idiot everyone. My character lives in a castle guys (isn't that awesome)!