Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tamagotchi V5

I have emailed the local toystore (For those living in Malta, you can buy Tamagotchis from Eduline next week) and they told me that they will definitely have received their shipment of Familitchi Tamagotchi early next week...so by today week I'll probably have them!!! YAY! I'll get my camera ready for the big event :D and then I'll post the photos all here for you guys. P.S. If you have a tamagotchi website pls pls link to my blog, use this link: http://familitchi.blogspot.com/
Anyway, I've posted 2 images of Tarakotchi...my all time favorite Tamagotchi character, unfortuantely we won't be seeing him on Familitchi :( . The above 3D image was the original image I had made, but then I added Tarakotchi's skateboard. If you have a V1, you will recall that the skateboard was one of the two items obtainable for Tarakotchi. Isn't he cute ;)
Laters :D

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Ansten said...

I think you should make the lips bigger and put them lower...and darken the color