Sunday, January 27, 2008

Online virtual pet

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Kutchipatchi! Isn't it strange that Kutchipatchi has been around since the very first release of tamagotchi and he's still here?...you'll find him and all his family members on Familitchi / Tamagotchi V5 / Famitama(refer to the image below). Aren't they so cute!!! I like the twin babies best, so sweet :)
Anyway, what do you guys think of the 3D image I made of Kutchipatchi? I would appreciate some feedback, pls leave comments :) I'm also so happy to see that there are so many visitors to this site, and glad to see that my work is being appreciated world wide. Pls keep visiting, I'll have 2 Familitchi next week and then the fun will start, so keep visiting !!! cya.
If you've been looking for an internet pet i've found the Interpets to be quite cute and interesting. click here. I think that they're very similar to tamagotchi V4 / V4.5, with skill points, games, cute animations, shopping and the pet grows every day!! I've started one yesterday and I'm hooked :D

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Matthew said...

this guy looks great! I love tamagotchis and i have a V5 Blue Abstract