Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Familitchi log

Here's Oyajitchi! He's been around since the P1 tamagotchi (the original 1997 Tamagotchi). This was a secret character obtainable only from Masukutchi. He was also a secret character of sorts, on the recent versions of Tamagotchi (Version 1- Version 4) and can be obtained by mating the 2 old timers: Otakitchi and Ojitchi. Can anyone tell me if Oyajitchi is a Familitchi character? I don't recall seeing him in any of the V5 character charts I've seen across the internet.
And...at the risk of repeating myself: for all those who are new to this site: this is currently a countdown blog for when I get my Familitchis (I'm gonna buy 2 next week when the local toy-store will get a shipment of these new Bandai pets). When I get them you'll be able to read a complete and detailed log of my experience with these awesome new virtual pets. I'll also be posting loads of photos of them...so keep visiting, this is gonna be a huge detailed blog and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it :D

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