Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tamagotchi V5 - no Mimitchi

Another 3D image, this time it's Mimitchi! This character has been a long time favorite, and I know many people who really like this character too. Mimitchi First appeared on the P2 tamagotchi and has appeared on newer versions as well (Tamagotchi version 1 - 4). we won't be seeing Mimitchi anymore since she's been dropped from the Familitchi characters :(
I don't know if I've included this link before...here's a link to tamenagerie with all the V5 characters. Please note that there is a secret Famitama family which is not included in this list. It includes characters with a space theme. I'll try to find pictures of them, if I do i'll post them. CYA! :)


Meep said...

Oi. I think I've gotten one of those hidden characters on V5... Her name is "Hotteachi", and I can't find her on the character chart. Also, I cant find her teen form "Shellchi" on there either.
Please email: fage1k@student.ednet.ns.ca

Plzkthx! <3

Anonymous said...

sorry to burst your bubble but hotteatchi and shelltchi are normal v5 characters. To get the space characters you need to get a random event where the dating show person offers you A tama that looks like a spiky ball, called Sunnytchi. maryy it to one of your tamas and you will get the secret space characters Iwatchi (baby), Hoshitchi (child), Mikazukitchi (teenager) and Sunnytchi (adult). The parent form is Planetchi.

Anonymous said...

what stage is the little tamagatchi that looks like a poop in?

Anonymous said...

I got the space characters, it didn't require anything special, but it did only have 1 egg.