Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Familitchi...still waiting

Yeah I'm still waiting for Familitchi...why is it that time seems to slow down when you're waiting for something? Anyway I've just read that Familitchi will have more than 65 Characters!!! Wow. You can see them by clicking here.
Anyway, as promised I have included another of the 3D Tamagotchi pictures I had created a few years ago. This time It's Young Mimitchi. I think this picture came out great :D. I'll post another picture tomorrow.
P.S. Don't hesitate to leave me comments...just click on the "0 comments" text you see at the bottom of each post, that would be a great motivator for me to continue posting. Also I want to say that I really like the fact that so many people from so many different parts of the world are visiting often and that they like this site even though I still don't have my Tamagotchi V5. One last thing: to all those who already have a Tamagotchi V5, can you please leave posts and tell us if this version of tamagotchi is as good as we're hearing it to be, please leave comments with this post. Thanks for dropping in and reading, I'll post another 3D picture tomorrow. CYA!

1 comment:

Nanaki said...

The US designs of the V5 just showed up on eBay today! Run a search for Tamagotchi, and sort by "Newest First", and you should find them. ;)
This might mean something good. I'm going to go V5-hunting with my friend this weekend, since she owes me a birthday gift. xD
By the way, I love your 3D art! ^_^