Thursday, January 17, 2008

Familitchi Familitchi Familitchi !!!!!!

Familitchi, V5 or Famitama...call it whatever you want, It's finally here in both Europe and America (As well as Japan obviously). Familitchi is the latest installment of the popular virtual pet from bandai: Tamagotchi. I haven't got mine yet but i'm soon gonna get two and I will blog to my hearts content about them ;). I'll post loads and loads of pictures of them so you will all be able to enjoy them with me. So check back soon and please support this site by clicking on the adverts you see on the right margin of this website (the google ads I mean). I will get money whenever you click on them and it won't cost you anything :D! anyway the following are some random pics of tamas. The above pic shows the colors of Famitama available. The other pictures below are some random pictures I took of my two Tamagotchi V4. Enjoy and check back soon for updates.

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suikostar108 said...

The US version of the V5 doesn't come out till 2/15 according to ToysRus.
Thanks for posting the link for the pics. I've wanted to get the black one from the UK as well but will probably get a couple from the US since it's obviously more convenient to go to ToysRus than to buy from ebay...tho I've been known to do too much of that. ;]