Friday, January 18, 2008

Tamagotchi V5

I have sent an email to the local toy store from where I usually buy my Tamagotchis and for once they have responded back. I asked them when they will start selling the Tamagotchi V5. This is what they told me:

Yes a new consignment of the tamagotchi V5 should reach our stores early next month
Chris Friggieri

So that means that I'll have Tamagotchi V5 in in about 3 weeks from now :D I can't wait !!!! Anyway I've thought it over and I've decided that i'll be buying the black design with the Gozarutchi figurine and the white one that has the Mametchi figurine. Here they are:


pause person said...

I have one with the mametchi on LOL

Anonymous said...

i have the balck one but gave the figure thingy to my sister who has a red and blue one cos the figure thingy SUCKED!!!!

Anonymous said...

you can ask when version 6 release please.