Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tamagotchi Familitchi

Here's a 3D image of Nazotchi. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Nazo means 'secret' in Japanese. Can anyone verify this? Anyway, Nazotchi was first present in the V1 Tamagotchi as a secret character (but I never got him). He appears every time you connect a Tamagotchi with a previos Version (example a V4 with a V1) and the character that connects is not available on that particular version; for example: you connect a V4 Furawatchi with a V1, when the Furawatch goes onto the V1 it will appear as a Nazotchi since Furawatchis are not V1 characters. Nazotchi is also a character on Familitchi. Hopefully I'll be able to get him this time...when I get my Familitchi...which should be real soon.
Anyway, keep visiting for updates...for all those who are new to this site: this is currently a countdown blog for when I get my Familitchis (I'm gonna buy 2 in the first week of February when the local toy-store will get a shipment of these new Bandai pets). When I get them you'll be able to read a complete and detailed log of my experience with these awesome new virtual pets. I'll also be posting loads of photos of them...so keep visiting, this is gonna be a huge detailed blog and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it :D

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Nanaki said...

Yes, Nazo does in fact mean "Secret".
Nazotchi, truthfully, was never actually an obtainable character. That was just a rumor started by somebody. D:
I'm hoping to get my Familitchi soon too...I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, they had NONE, not even V4.5's.