Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is a new image I created today, I had almost forgotten how to use TrueSpace but I think I got the hang of it again. This is Korokotchi, a new tamagotchi character found in the Tamagotchi V5 / Familitchi / Famitama. I think that I'll start creating the new tamagotchi characters from now on and posting them here, so check back soon for new 3D images of the Familitchi characters :). For those wondering, no, I still don't have the Tamagotchi V5. I have no idea when they will be available here, but hopefully it'll be soon, cos I'm fed up of waiting grrrrr :(
Anyway, I'm also posting the last 3D image i had created of the Tamagotchi V1 characters, there's Mimitchi and Mametchi, enjoy and check back soon.


Nanaki said...

Oh wow, what a great artwork you've got there! It'd be nice to see some new stuff, I admit. :)
The V5 should be showing up pretty soon. I've heard that February will be a good month to try looking for one.

Jesmond said...

Thanks Nanaki, it's always great to hear that other people are appreciating your work :) Yes, The Tamagotchi V5 should be hear really soon, probably next week...I hope.