Sunday, February 3, 2008

Familitchi - just 2 days left

Another image I created...it's Hanatchi. I love his big nose, I think that this is one of the cutest characters that had been introduced in the Version 1 of Tamagotchi.
And...at the risk of repeating myself: for all those who are new to this site: this is currently a countdown blog for when I get my Familitchis (I'm gonna buy 2 next Tuesday when the local toy-store will get a shipment of these new Bandai pets...at least I hope that they will be available next Tuesday, sometimes they receive late shipments...it's happened before). When I get them you'll be able to read a complete and detailed log of my experience with these awesome new virtual pets. I'll also be posting loads of photos of them...so keep visiting, this is gonna be a huge detailed blog and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it :D
Oh, and please sign my guestbook...I've just added it today....you'll find the link for the guestbook on the right.

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