Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Familitchi Characters

I've noticed that there are many people who are googling "Familitchi Characters" (I've found out thanks to google analytics), so here are all the characters you'll find in Familitchi / Tamagotchi V5 / Famitama. The names are in Japanese but you'll find the names in English by clicking here. P.S. Apart from these characters, there is a secret family with space theme (a character that looks like a planet (Planetchi), a star, a moon, a rock...I don't know what else, guess I'll find out when I get my Tamagotchi V5. Those characters are not included in the above list). There are ONLY 2 ways to get the space characters:

  1. Mate a Tamagotchi Familitchi (with infrared) from a specific geographical zone with another Fanilitchi from another geographical zone. For example: mate a Japanese Familitchi with an American Familitchi...or mate a European Familitchi with a US Familitchi. The resulting offspring will be from the Space-theme characters.
  2. Another way to get them is by mating your tamagotchi with Planetchi. This is a character which looks like a planet. You may occasionally find this character in the dating channel. Otokitchi will offer this character as a potential mate and after you let your tamagotchi mate with Planetchi, the resulting offspring will be from the Space-theme characters...I hope this helps you guys, and good luck getting the space characters. ;)
I emailed the local toystore again yesterday and this is what they told me:

We still don't have them

:( Also I need to apologise for not posting new Tamagotchi V5 Characters in 3D. I'll try creating another one later today ;) So check back later on today. CYA and enjoy the Tamagotchi V5 characters above.

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Anonymous said...

one of the children of the space family is called hoshitchi... i dont know bout the others cause i only had one egg when i mated my mametchi with this uh, sun-like character, which then turned into planetchi when they evolved after marriage... and the match maker was also planetchi :/