Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Familitchi - well nothing to do but wait

Well, as I've written in yesterday's post, the local toy store will be receiving it's consignment of Familitchi next week... :( this wait is taking longer than I thaught. Anyway, Another of my famous 3D images ;) This time it's Hinotamatchi (btw, hinota means fireball in Japanese). Be back soon, and to all those who already have a Familitchi: you guys are soooo lucky!! I can't understand why we still don't have the Tamagotchi V5 in Malta, usually they get here way before the US start selling them. Please leave comments, tell me about your Familitchi, is it good? is it fun?
Oh and here are the US V5 designs...to those wondering: yes I took them from TamaTalk hence the watermark, they're not really theirs to keep since these are designs issued by Bandai America and I'm sure that I'm making them a favor by advertising the really cool design they have to offer ;). I have just emailed Bandai and they should send me a picture of the US designs cos I'm feeling guilty that I took them from Tamatalk. Aanyway, Enjoy!



Nanaki said...

The majority of America is actually in a "Global V5 Limbo". Only a select few states have them, while others have nothing Tamagotchi at all; Georgia and Alabama have them, but Florida is right by them, and doesn't. :P
I really wish Bandai knew how to distribute and advertise these better, like they did in the 90's...

andrewemanuelattard said...
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