Friday, December 18, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - Uwasatchi

Hi everyone. Sorry for my complete lack of posts these past few days. As you can see in the photos below, my Tamagotchi grew up into Uwasatchi. She looks a bit like Mamaetchi wearing a weird looking hat, don't you think so too? She looks really sweet :) Here's her closeup:

And here she is wearing sunglasses :)

Also, I managed to get all the Ta Ma To Mo icons. You get the Mo icon after your tamagotchi has been an adult for 72 hours.

A cool thing that happens, after you get all the Ta Ma To Mo icons, is that you get a small Tama stamp of your current tamagotchi which you can see in this screen:

Apparently you can get these stamps for all the adult characters....I wish I had known about this earlier. From what I've read, when you collect all the stamps for all the adult characters, a 'special' feature will be unlocked.
That's it for today. Take care and check back often :)


Wolf Nanaki said...

She looks cute, but in the Tamagotchi anime, she's a real jerk. :V
Her name "uwasa" actually means something along the lines of "rumor" or "gossip". In the show, she's jealous of Lovelitchi's fame and popularity, so she's always trying to dig up information on her personal life and spread rumors about her (and failing hard at it, might I add :P).

Varcoda said...

aaaahhh i want a tamagotchi ID so bad! but i've been reading stuff on tama forums and it seems like you get stuff from connecting. any idea if we'll miss out on certain items if we never get to connect with another tama?

Jesmond said...

yes, it seems that there are some items that you can only get through connecting with other Tamagotchi IDs. But this is a minor feature and you won't really be missing out if you can't connect your tama with others.

Varcoda said...

will it work if i connect it with my tmgc+C? i hope so, i dont intend to buy two IDs XD

Jesmond said...

Although the Tamagotchi + Color can connect with the ID, you can only get the special items by connecting 2 IDs.

clara said...

hi, i was wondering how do you get the "mo" point for the tamatomo. i found a japanese site that says you have to play with its friends for 3 days??? thanks

clara said...

oh oops, nvm i just read the rest of your blog post. (^__^")