Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - First impressions

I was planning on writing a post with pictures earlier today but I had to charge the camera batteries....and I have to admit that I couldn't wait that long so I started the Tamagotchi without taking any pictures XD. However the starting process is exactly the same as the TMGC + C; the only difference was the egg which had stars instead of polka dots. The Clock is different though, here's a picture of it:

A nice change for sure, loves it :D ! I popped in some batteries in the TMGC + C to compare the two screens and I noticed that the colors are more intense on the Tamagotchi ID. Another thing which I tried was the connection feature on the two Tamagotchi versions and I was happy to find out that the TMGC+C and the Tamagotchi ID can connect with each other! I'll write another post tomorrow, or the day after, and make a proper comparison between the two Tamagotchi color versions.
Anyway, the egg hatched into a cute baby girl. The character name is Patchikutchi. Again, I did not have my camera at the time so I don't have a picture of her unfortunately; but you can find a picture here.
The Tamagotchi ID has new games. The first one is a slot machine game which is really easy, and the second one is a catching game which is very similar to the one found on the TMGC + C. Here are some quick photos I took of the two games:

60 minutes after Patchikutchi was born, she evolved into Hoshitchi. You might recall that this was a special character on the Familitchi/V5:

Something else that I noticed is a mailbox outside in the yard. I don't recall seeing this on the Tamagotchi + Color:

Sorry for the short post but I've only been using this Tamagotchi for the last couple of hours so I still need to become familiar with the whole thing. So far it has been very similar to the TMGC+C. I'll be typing daily posts for the entire first generation and I'll post as many pictures and information as possible so make sure that you check back soon.
Take care y'all! :)


klaud_litah said...

Uau this tama is great...

Anonymous said...

what should i geeettt i want id becuz the color is stronger but i think the tmgc+c has better baby characters like the mushroom girl thing mabob

Echo said...

Just so you know, On my Tamagotchi Hexagontchi,there is a mailbox but is right in front of the house,so you might not notice it unless you're really looking :) Hope this answered your curiosity