Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - Chamametchi's marriege and Hanepatchi

Sorry for not updating this blog yesterday. I was a bit busy but still managed to take a lot of pictures so I've got a lot to show you guys! :)
Well yesterday I was extremely surprised when I checked on the door icon and saw this option:

As y'all might know, Chamametchi was a teenage character on prevous Tamagotchi versions, however on the ID, Chamametchi and Kikitchi are 'friend' characters. You can keep these two characters indefinitely (thanks to !Gotchi-Gotchi! for this info). Apparently, 'friend' characters can get married and since I wasn't planning on having Chamametchi as the permanent character on the ID, I decided to let her get married. The marriage process was somewhat different that the TMGC+C's.

As you can see, the matchmaker has been 'upgraded' lol. She's younger and cuter now :)

You're shown a series of potential mates. Here's Kikitchi introducing himself to Chamametchi :)

You choose which character will marry your Tamagotchi. I chose Kikitchi cos he made a good first impression :D

Getting married!

Chamametchi had a baby boy!

She played with her baby for a few seconds then put him to bed and immediately left by sliding off to the left of the screen. It was a bit sad seeing her go so quickly :(

An hour later the baby grew up into Hanepatchi...I think he's sooo cute. I love the fact that there are new characters as well as old ones on the Tamagotchi ID.

Here's a close-up of Hanepatchi. Don't y'all think that he looks A LOT like Oddish from the Pokemon?

Here's Oddish :)

One last picture. I upgraded the interior of the main living room. Yep, that's McDonald's. I got the new theme by inputting a special code I got from Binary (I hope Binary doesn't mind). I'll try to find some time to write a post with some Tamagotchi ID codes.
I'm very curious to see what Hanepatchi will grow into; there are a lot of new characters on the T ID which is definitely a good thing...it adds that extra element of surprise :)
Anyway, y'all check back soon :)


Emmelyn said...

Oh wow it does look a bit like Oddish. XD and Kikitchi made a good impression haha? All he said was that he loves bananas :P then again i would have picked him too because he's the cutest ^^

Jesmond said...

Oooh, is that what he said? That's really adorable :) Thanks so much for translating!

Karuto said...

Wow, the iD's look brilliant. I've got a TMGC+C in the post and i'm itching for it to arrive. I just can't wait. How long did you wait to recieve yours and where did you get it from?


Jesmond said...

I got it off eBay from this seller:
It arrived 3 days after I bought it! That guy ships so fast! He also gave me some Tama tissues for free. Really cool!

Anonymous said...

Jesmond , I Think Your Tamagotchi Came From The TamaDepa In Harajuku Cause Thats Where They Sell Those Tissues Only. That Guy Must Be Staying Around There. I Guess He Makes Good Profit

tamaquad said...

The iD vession looks so tecno ... i think its good to have newly created characters on a new version! Speaking about newly created, can u make some 3d pics on the new characters?

present124 said...
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present124 said...
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present124 said...

how long must they stay as an adult before getting married?