Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - Shelltchi

Yesterday my Tamagotchi ID evolved into her Teenage stage. She's Shelltchi now :) Aint's she cute!!

Here's a close-up shot of her...sorry about the blurriness. I couldn't get the close-up animation after this so this is the best close-up picture I have of her .
Another feature, which has now become available, is the eating-out option. It can be accessed from the food(second) icon. This option is not available for younger tamagotchis. Here's a picture of my Shelltchi at a restaurant.

You can also buy food from the store but the food is so expensive that I only tried it once.

After yesterday's post, some visitors explained to me the mail feature. Apparently the Tamagotchi ID receives mail from other tamas, i.e. tamas you have connected with; therefore, the letters I'm receiving are from Gorrippatchi because I connected her with the Tamagotchi ID! I think this feature is brilliant and a really nice touch. It sort of adds a new layer of interactivity between other Tamagotchis...I just wish I knew what's written in the letters.

That's it for today. Feel free to leave comments. I'll be writing a new post when Shelltchi becomes an adult so make sure that you check back again! :)


yuki said...

actually which one is better the tamagotchi + color or tamagotchi id ? pls reply .

Jesmond said...

Well from what I've seen so far the two versions are extremely similar. The ID has more locations to visit such as restaurants and pastry-shops. It also has more connection features, like connecting to cell-phones and a website... unfortunately, unless you live in Japan, you won't be using these.

mimic said...

may i ask a little question Jesmond :) is the mailbox useless if i have only one tmgc id and no other one to connect with? thx for the reply :D

mimic said...

may i ask a question.. what if i have only one tamagotchi id and no others to connect with? is the mailbox useless in this case? :) thx <3

Anonymous said...

i need a cods for a Shelltchi