Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - Chamametchi

Well I've got a lot to show you guys today. First of all, in the last post I remember typing that I would be writing another post when my Tamagotchi becomes an adult...I had totally forgotten that Shelltchi is a child character and that it still had to grow into it's teenage stage! LOL. Shelltchi grew up into Chamametchi:

Here's a close-up shot of her. So sweet :)

The tamagotchi ID just keeps getting better and better. As the tama grows, more feature are becoming available. Teen and adult characters can visit an accessory store and buy head gear such as hats, head-phones and sun-glasses. I bought Chamametchi a pair of heart shaped sunglasses. There's also a new accessible area in the Tama's house which looks like a closet and is used by the Tamagotchi to put on the accessories bought from the store. Here's Chamametchi, in the closet, wearing her new sun-glasses.

Accessories are worn all the time and they appear in every animation except when the Tamagotchi character is sleeping.
A new feature which I really like is the photo-studio. I have to admit that photo-shoots are a bit expensive though. Here's Chamametchi getting ready for a photo-shoot.

You get to choose the background and a costume for your tama's photo-shoot. All photos are stored in the album and can be viewed anytime you want. I took two pictures of Chamametchi wearing different costumes. I LOVE the bunny costume! It's soooo adorable!! :D

While I was taking these photos I saw this screen:

I have no idea what it's about; when I pressed the B button, Chamametchi returned to her regular animation. I wish someone can translate what Chamametchi is saying...anyone?
Tell me what y'all think of this new Tamagotchi? I'm loving it so far, definitely better than the TMGC+C!


Ingunn said...

That is so sweet. I ordered my ID today from yesasia, so excited!

I was wondering, can you still change interior in the house?

klaud_litah said...

hi...i want buy a tamagotchi color...but i dont know if i buy the tmgc+c or this tama or the two tamas?

please make a detail review...and what this has better than the other?and what the other has better than this tama?
and compare the seasons ....

!Gotchi-Gotchi! said...

In the Tamagotchi>iD, there are 3 stages: Baby, Toddler, Teen and Friend (instead of adult). In this case, Pachikutchi was your baby, Hoshitchi was your toddler, Shelltchi was your teen, and ChaMametchi is your Friend. Basically with the Friend stage, instead of just being a flat-out adult, you can keep a character as a friend forever (they never die). ChaMametchi and Kikitchi are the two teen-age friends.

Emmelyn said...

Cute! I just posted my ID on my blog today ^^. I believe your chamametchi is saying basically something like "Lets go all out and play a lot!", there is no direct translation since we don't have some words that correspond to Japanese words, but that's a rough translation. Check out my blog please :D you can see my Kiraratchi :3

Emmelyn said...

Ahh, double post D:


:D check it out.

Jesmond said...

!Gotchi-Gotchi! thanks so much for telling me about the different life stages of the ID. I had no idea that there was a 'friend' stage. I found it extremely strange because my Chamametchi got married and had a baby and I know for a fact that Chamametchi is a teen character on previous tamagotchis. I'll be writing a new post soon about my second generation.
Also, thanks for translating the speech bubble Emmelyn :)

Eva said...

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Anonymous said...

Which version should I get? It takes me a long time to save up for one so I don't want to buy the wrong one D: