Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - Chuuchutchi

I didn't write a post yesterday because the new baby grew up into Hoshitchi again and since I already got that character in the first generation, I didn't see the point in posting pictures again. However I'm very pleased that today I got a new, awesome-looking teen character: Chuuchutchi. Here's her picture:

And here's a close-up of here:

You might also have noticed that I upgraded the living room again. I chose the 'sweets' theme which is the most expensive theme of them all (4500 gotchi points). When all the rooms are upgraded to this theme, the exterior of the house will be automatically upgraded as well.
That's it for today,
Catch y'all later.


Varcoda said...

arrggghh i want a tamagotchi id too!

is there any character or growth chart out yet?

klaud_litah said...

please post pictures from the outside of the house...the weather...

well you can grow trees in this tama??

Jackie said...

hello nope yu cant grow any trees with this tama, but you can still get mcdonalds food and even a wall paper with a code that is posted on tamazone and nope no growth chart yet.
haha sorry jesmond i just answered these q for u lol

brandon said...

u said that the extirior of the house would change, but mine hasnt, i got the toilet, shower, living room, the bed room and kitchen
am i missing something?

brandon said...

i forgot 2 say tthat i upgraded the rooms to the gold/castle one