Saturday, June 27, 2009

OM21: Tamagotchi Music City Tips, Part 3: Weekly Competitions

OsuMesu21 here, with tips on how to be the number one star in Music City! Since Music City is one of the biggest things to happen to Tamagotchi, I thought it'd be great to help other users make the most of the newest Tamagotchi experience.

Today, we'll be discussing one of the most exciting aspects of Music City: The weekly competitions!

What is it?
Every week, Tamagotchi Music City holds a musical competition to see which band is the best, both in music and in popularity. There are plenty of prizes too!

How do I sign up? When does it take place?
Registration for the competitions is available every week, from Monday to Friday. The competition game will be available to play from Saturday to Sunday.

To register, visit the Concert Hall in Downtown, and head over to the Registration desk, where you'll see Rosetchi.

Once you've talked to her and registered, you will receive a letter in your inbox with the competition information.

What do I need to be allowed to register?
All you need to do is be logged in as any character and have a CD featured. That's it!

How do I play the game?
First, you must wait until Saturday for the game to be available! When the competition has officially begun, you will see the two big doors in the Concert Hall open.

Once you walk through the doors, it will show you this:

There are two ways to start the game: one with flashing animations in the background, and one without. The second option's typically for users with slower computers.

After clicking Start, it will show you a little intro, and then present you with your judges. Whichever judges you get will determine how difficult the game will be.

The "Gotchi King Family" (Gotchi King, Gotchi Queen, and Princess Tamakoko) and the "Music Star Judges" (Don Big Boss Gotchi, Bill, and Glasuntchi), for example, are the "toughest", as their patterns go all over the screen.

The "Teachers" (Mr. Turtlepedia, Principal Mimizu, and both male and female Puchioyatchi) and the "Reporters" (Reportchi, Guidetchi, and Depagatchi) are the easiest, with patterns only coming from the left and right side of the screeen.

And for moderate difficulty, meaning patterns from all sides but in smaller groups, the judges are the "Paparazzi" (male and female Scooptchi, and female Paparatchi), and the "Celebrities" (Teitokutchi, Tonotchi, and Elizabethtchi).

Of all of these, the Gotchi King Family will give you the highest possible score - the maximum possible combo is 59, giving a score of 6780!

The game starts off looking like this:

On the top left is your score meter. To the bottom right is the judges. In the top right is the clock, and on the bottom left is the "Excitement Meter". In the background, your featured CD will play corresponding with the time.

In the center, you have four directional buttons and long bars. Small dots will appear sliding along those bars and hit the arrows, and when they do, the arrow will change color - from yellow to pink. Your objective is to hit these buttons once they change colors. You may hit them either by pressing the corresponding directional key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the arrow with your mouse.

If you hit the arrow at just the right moment, you will get "GREAT" from the judges. This starts off a combo, and if you keep it going, your score will skyrocket. With each hit in a combo, the Excitement Meter will start to fill up. Once it's filled, the stage will light up, and your score will go much higher!

Once the game is over, the judges will show you your final score and voice their opinion on your performance. Afterward, you can leave or do whatever you like, or head back in and try the game again for a better score. Remember, try to get a high score on both Saturday and Sunday to insure being on the top 30!

What about voting?
This part is much more difficult than the game itself! Once you're in the competition, fans can vote for their favorite band. To vote for a band, talk to Monsieur Kikipapa, who stands right next to Rosetchi at the desk.

(I've blocked out other user's names for privacy reasons.)

You will be given a list of some of the bands in the current competition. You can scroll through the list by holding your mouse over the up or down directional arrows, and if you want to see more bands, press the "Reload" button on the bottom of the list, and new bands will appear.

When you want to check out a band, just click on them. You will be shown that band, plus an opposing band. You'll be able to see how many votes each band has had, and you can listen to their featured CD. From there, you can choose to vote for one of them, or exit and look for other bands.

You can vote for bands starting on Saturday, and ending on Thursday. (although, you can vote on Friday too, but it's completely pointless...)

Is there anything else that influences my score?
Yes, there is! How many users visit your apartment and listen to your CD have an impact on your final score. After you compete, on the days leading up to Friday, you should do your best to become well-known in the Tamagotchi Music City community. People visiting your room and listening to your music have just as much influence on your score as actually voting!

So what happens on Friday?
Once the clock strikes midnight and the competition has finished, you will receive a letter in your inbox telling you how you placed in the competition. Also, once you've finished reading it, your trophy (if you earned one) will appear in your item inventory. Head over to the Concert Hall and talk to Rosetchi to receive your cash prize.

The third, second, and first place winners will also be featured in Gotchi Records!

Also, to see more results, visit the Concert Hall and check out the machine called "Result". It will tell you who placed first through tenth place. There's also a "Special" category, but I don't know what it means...

And one final note. In your apartment, hanging from the top right of your room, is a monitor wearing a crown. If you click on it, it'll show your competition history: which competitions you participated in, who was in your band, and what place you've earned. You can view other people's results by visiting their apartment and clicking on theirs.

Please vote for me! This week, I'm working hard to place first, so please vote for me, and come check out my apartment!



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Yes, could you please tell us how? My Dazzilitchi had a Mocha costume on and she still appeared as a Dazzilitchi on Music City. I also saw someone on Music City once with a character called "Spotchi".

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