Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OM21: My New Tamagotchi Plus Color!

So I finally went out and bought one on eBay! Got a pretty good deal on it, $61 with free shipping. Keep your eyes pealed, as the prices of the Plus Color are gradually going down!

I started it last Monday, almost an hour after it arrived in the mail. It started off as the new male baby Kinotchi, who looks like a little blue mushroom with a face. He evolved into Kuribotchi, who you may know from the Tamagotchi Music Star (He also appears on the V2, V4.5, Keitai, and Akai).

After that, he became Kikitchi, who first appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection V5 Celebrity, and then returned for the Tamagotchi Music Star. Finally, he became Kuchipatchi, who we all know and love.

Now, I know the TMGC+C was supposed to be a technical revolution within the Tamagotchi franchise, but I had no idea it'd be this much fun!

There are three games built into it, and they're more than enough to keep me entertained. Winning the games rewards you with $100G, and prices for items range from 150G to 3900G. There are very few items this time around, but they each do their own cute things. Also, there are special character-specific items: only certain characters can use them. For example, KuroMametchi and Nemutchi are the only two characters that can use the Guitar item.

Kuchipatchi and Kikitchi share the Hero Set item. Kikitchi temporarily transforms into some sort of Egyptian warrior, but Kuchipatchi transforms into the super hero PatchiMan! For him, it works like a costume item; he can run around as PatchiMan as long as he likes until I use the Hero Set again.

Another cute easter egg is when Kuchipatchi (or PatchiMan) drinks the Orange Juice item three times, he turns orange! It wears away when they wake up, or if you use the Hero Set item. Shimashimatchi has a similar trick: feed him enough watermellons and he turns green!

Here's a quick video I've made of him playing around:

I'll have some more videos up as soon as I can. :)



Silatham said...

Hello there ^^
I'm incredibly impressed with yout Tama blog. I heve recentyly re-started my interest in Tamagotchis after a friend gave me the new Music Star. I must agree with you that it's not a great version, as I myself have no interest in the music element; but it sparked my interest again. Back in the day [year :D] 1996 I looked after 3 tamas for a good long time and unfortunately I had a 'break' ever since. Now after looking after v6. I have decided to buy a Colour Plus and again thank you for all the info you have posted on your blog. My main worry was the language but now I'm sure I can deal with it :) I'm now over the moon at the thought that soon I will have that uber cute ^^ colour Tama of my very own tihi. And as you said you can now get them for better and berret prices, I got mine for $50 [so £30 for me- which is 3x the price of the Music one which isn't much for the product you get].
Thank you again for all the great posts you write and I'm sure I'll watch out for any new ones :)

tamsrule54321 said...

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Amanda said...

Do you know when the Tamagotchi Colour will come out in Australia?

Jesmond said...

it won't be coming out in Australia. The TMGC+C was exclusively released in Japan. Unless Bandai America decides to start selling it, we won't be seeing the TMGC+C in the US, Europe or Australia.

Jino said...

yuor tamablog is great I've always search for tamagotchi color plus guides then I found this website!!!

I like the kutchipatchi & shimashimatchi'snew colorXD

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

rojakrojak said...

heyo, i just wanna ask, how do you know what the tama is saying in japanese? the katakana is so hard to read =_=...

anyways, great job with the blog, i've just put an order for a plus colour on ebay. hehehehe

Jesmond said...

well unless you know how to read Japanese, there's no way of knowing what your tama is saying. However, rest assured that there's not much japanese on this tamagotchi so it's very easy to figure out.