Thursday, June 4, 2009

OM21: New Tamagotchi Plus Color This Fall!

Thanks to Binary and Tarokaja from Tama-Zone for the heads-up!

It seems that Japan is getting a new Tamagotchi Plus Color model this August. The updated toy, named the "Tamagotchi Plus Color: Hexagontchi" will be the same as the original Plus Color, but with added features. It's based off the FujiTV game show "Quiz Hexagon".

After doing certain actions (unknown what these actions are), a character called Shinsukegotchi will appear and ask you a quiz question. There are over 100 different possible questions, and answering correctly will reward your character with "Smart Points".

Like the "EXMOtchi" limited edition, the Hexagontchi will be available in red and white. Currently, there are no pictures available, but here are the Amazon Japan links:

Tamagotchi Plus Color Hexagontchi - Red
Tamagotchi Plus Color Hexagontchi - White



Jesmond said...

Wow, that is some great news. I can't wait for it to come out :D

Anonymous said...

Can you please post another update? You never post anymore, and Jesmond, you never post, why not you post?

Anonymous said...

I already got it its sooo great and a bit different from the normal one

Jesmond said...

I didn't know that it was already out. Would you be interested in writing a review for this blog?

TommAhHawk said...

AHHHHHH, I got it today too! It`s aweeeesome. Well, its pretty much the same but the games are different, as well as the inclusion of the quiz one. Also, the room setting is different too. But other thn that it`s the same, buut even the new colour just onits own is aweeeeesome. love it.

furbytchi said...

im gettin one sent to australia itl be s cool im super excited i caint wait to get z make a new post about it and its charecters plzzz and i hope they have all the other house designs too as well as the hexagon ones

Anonymous said...

i just ordered one yesterday but jesmond please write some more about this im not that prepared on a japanese tama like maybe say what options the are like example
option 1 walk to park