Monday, June 15, 2009

OM21: Tamagotchi Wikia Needs Help!

As you may or may not know, there's a whole Wiki dedicated to Tamagotchi, known as Tamagotchi Wikia.

A big problem we've been having with TW is massive amounts of spam and useless articles/edits. So I'm making a shout-out to all Tamagotchi fans out there to help us with making Tamagotchi Wikia a better Wiki for everybody!

What needs to be done is:

  • Create more character articles with information. A character's article should include information on its name and personality, what releases or versions the Tamagotchi has been in, official Bandai artwork of the character, and generally important things. For example, editing Masktchi's page to say "omg she luvs Gozarutchi" isn't very helpful, credible, or necessary.
  • Each article about Tamagotchi releases should include info on special features, release dates, official images, and a list of all characters featured.
  • Also, articles that are pointless or useless should either be expanded to be a credible and helpful article, or otherwise deleted. If you find an article and you're not sure how you can expand it further, put the code {{stub}} at the bottom of the article.
Currently, Tamagotchi fans all over the world are working to make this Wiki a better place, so join in and be helpful!

Click here to visit Tamagotchi Wikia!



Anonymous said...

I agree, Tamagotchi Wikia does need help. A lot of it,

--Amigop (i need to make an account :P)

Anonymous said...

hi i am a memeber of tama wikia and say that the more people that sighn up the more info will be posted on the tamas