Friday, March 7, 2008

Tamagotchi V5 - Furikotchi

I've just finnished a new 3D image. This is Furikotchi. The clock-tamagotchi. Ain't he just sweet? hehe. Don't forget that you can buy these images in any size you want (click the shop image on the right of this page). You can buy images in any size you want. Pre-made images only cost $1. If you want me to create an image with any personal requirements just .use the form facility in the shop page (on the right).

Here's the original 2D images of Furikotchi:


Anonymous said...

plz plz plz PLZ answer my tamagotchi is a pitete family and i don't no how to get it back to normal plz someone tell me!! !

Ill be sooo gr8ful

Jesmond said...

Osumotchi are overweight tamagotchis, this can happen when you've been feeding them too much, also if you don't feed them enough they'll turn into the petite family. When you don't take proper care of the tamas, they will become ninjas (gozarutchi etc..) to turn them back to normal you'll need to use the following items/food:

Large Family back to Normal Family
balance biscuit (meal)
mirror (item)

Small / Petite Family back to Normal Family
milk (meal)
magnifying glass (item)

Ninja Family back to Normal Family
steamed bun (snack)
whistle (item)

Gracie G said...

when do the young tama's in a second or more generation's parents go away?