Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tamagotchi V4.5 - snowman

It's that time of the year when the snowman appears on most Tamagotchis. I've always wondered what this meant...does this mean that in many places across the world it snows a lot during the second week of March? It seems really strange particularly to me since I've never seen snow in my entire life o_o (It doesn't snow where I live).
Can anyone tell me what the snowman really means? And does the snowman appear on the Tamagotchi V5 as well? I would really appreciate it if someone took a picture of the snowman on their Tamagotchi V5 and sent it to me. Send it to me by email by clicking here. I will post some of the pictures that I receive tomorrow.

EDIT: Oops, my bad! I've just realized that I had set the month on my Tamagotchi V4.5 to February instead of March. The snowman shouldn't be appearing now!
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Pause Person said...

Hmm a bit of a puzzle.

Moei-Chan said...

How odd! I have a V4.5 also, but there's no sign of a snowman on mine. =O

pause person said...

maybe it is Xmas where you live, or maybe you've got the date wrong on your tama. I think the snowman relates to christmas. If it isn't Xmas soon where you live then you may have the date wrong. Go to the time screen and edit the time. Make the date go up to it's maximum, if the maximum is 12, then you may have got the date and month the wrong way round.

Anonymous said...

Is your tamagotchi an adult? It shows things like that when it's around the winter season, but it has to be an adult. That's what it says on tamatown. If you want to check, (if you're tamagotchi is an adult), change the date to 10/30 before your tamagotchi goes to sleep but not right before. Then it should show a pumpkin the next day if it doesn't, maybe make it a couple days before halloween and do it again. Otherwise, I don't know why it would show a snowman.

Jesmond said...

Yes it is an adult. Do these events only appear for adults? I don't think that Halloween is one of the events of the Connexion (european version...mine is Connnexion) since Halloween isn't really celebrated in Europe...even though we do celebrate it in my country! It's mostly a feast for young adults though, not for children as in the US.

Aoi_Aleo said...

Due to the time of year you set it and its age (only adult tamagotchi's are able to see this), certain things will apper at certain times of the month. For instance, you might of seen a Christmas tree in December, around Christmas time. Its totally natural, but these images dont give presents.