Friday, March 7, 2008

Tamagotchi V4.5 UraYoungMemetchi

This morning I woke up to the morphing tune of my V4.5, the screen flickered for a couple of seconds and there stood the cute UraYoungMemetchi. I love the small wings. I took a couple of pictures of Didi, the second and third image show the close-up animation after you press the C button. A few minutes ago, Didi received a special letter, she first had to say goodbye to her nanny and immediately after she received another letter. I chose the first teacher (the one that looks like a turtle) so as to raise her smiley-face skills (I still don't know how I'm supposed to refer to the V4.5 skills). I'm aiming to get Piromatchi, so I will need as much smiley-face skill points as possible. Below are some more pictures I took of Didi...enjoy and check back soon cos I'll be posting a new Familitchi character in 3D real soon. Didi washing her teeth Didi with her Nanny

EDIT: Thanks to mimitchi*mametchi*angel from TamaZone, I now know what the skills are called:
The happy face= Funny (Mr. Turtlepedia)
Sparkle= Gorgeous (Mrs. Flower)
Fist (?)= Spiritual (Mr. Canvas)

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