Thursday, May 14, 2009

OM21: Tamagotchi Music City Tips, Part 1

OsuMesu21 here, with tips on how to be the number one star in Music City! Since Music City is one of the biggest things to happen to Tamagotchi, I thought it'd be great to help other users make the most of the newest Tamagotchi experience.

Today, we'll be going over one of the most important tricks to getting lots of attention on Music City - your character!

There's a total of 40 unique characters on your Music Star toy. Of these, you can use 38 on Music City; the two costume characters (Spotchi and Mocatchi) do not appear. Characters have possibly the biggest impact on other users; if you have a rare character or if you have a fan favorite, you're more likely to get lots of room visits and friend request.

And to gain even more attention, buy costumes for your character to wear. Only teens, adults, and seniors can wear costumes, and prices can range from as low as 500 points to as high as 20 thousand. This is directly related to which character you actually use; Dreamitchi and Dazzilitchi have the most expensive costumes on all of Music City!

So how do you get attention? Other than playing the games and entering the contest, the best and easiest solution is visiting either the Entrance or Downtown, especially when they're crowded. The Entrance serves as the gate where users appear, and Downtown is the heart of Music City, so of all of Music City, you'll find more people there than anybody else.

All you need to do is walk around for a bit, and maybe say hello to other users to start conversations. You may even invite people to your Apartment (which I'll talk about in my next entry). Sometimes you don't even need to talk to somebody to get friends requests - they may come to you, or might send you a request without saying anything at all.

Remember, you don't need to have the special adults to be popular on Music City. As long as you take good care of your Music Star and visit Music City often, you'll see your friends list grow in leaps and bounds. :)

In my next entry to this series, I'll be talking about Apartments, and how to make one that'll keep people coming!



yellowpanda101 said...


i really like your posts! i was wondering though, where is jesmond?!!? i miss her and her random comments, where is she!
no effense to you i like u alot :)

Jesmond said...

hi yellowpanda101, it's Jesmond :D . I'm still here as always and I'm still writing posts on this blog. As you can see OM21 is now my co-writer since this blog has become too big for just one person to handle.
Also, I'm a boy :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Nazotchi and Spotchi once on Music City. I wonder how to get them registered?

mametchi1000/1000 said...

mametchi1000/1000 a dit…
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Kuribotchi_______GRANT__E2B0E59 434C21B
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Kikitchi_________RENEE__B506A72 6E83729
Hinotamatchi_____JUANC__18A420D 1A18223
Nonopotchi_______RIKKI__F2A6542 5ACBF96
Mametchi_________MELMO__388B067 71D02CD
Kuromametchi_____RENEE__82A90E1 6BF61B6
Shimashimatchi___MELMO__8F1F506 059B5C1
Togetchi_________JADE___EED95D6 2D97ECA
Kuchipatchi______SORA?__10DA3C9 0A7DBBF
Dorotchi_________WAWA___79484D4 C002F3D
Tarakotchi_______MENG___8ED3D8C ECCAF32
Androtchi________RIKKI__D15CF80 47ACEC7
Gozarutchi_______MENG___9CAB5B6 AB80B43
Tosakatchi_______MEME___FAF9703 5BDEC30
Ojitchi__________MENG___0D53DAF A18FBC5
Rexitchi_________WAWA___FFA24A7 C301F44
Girl Petitchi____RIKKI__846B92F 74FFD83
Hitodetchi_______RIKKI__9204F29 1299B0F
Tamatchi_________EQU____D67B1FC 33EF818
Chamametchi______WRATH__D9ED679 53A4DA3
Ichigotchi_______WRATH__1C3433A 0BF0BA8
Ringotchi________RIKKI__7276804 1896B94
Mimitchi_________OLGA!__54C5348 367DDC5
Chantotchi_______TOM!!__C1B716F 7631F43
Memetchi_________DG L___B6C2CB1 6AC7CC9
Makiko___________RACHE__700DB57 FB6A249
Violetchi________DANAN__A7BBCE3 680C5B6
Onputchi_________SOCKY__0203E6D 2E9192F
Sebiretchi_______RIKKI__C0E56C8 23AF8BC
Maidtchi_________MENG___D9428B7 C9E6D3E
Masktchi_________RIKKI__B07A8E7 1F8EAB4
Kunoitchi________WRATH__6BED793 52B8EB3
Otokitchi________TMGC!__358F73E 25538CE
Dangoobatchi_____OLGA!__A3DF22C 1C0E9C7
Dreamitchi_______BEN____448F7E4 6822FBD
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codemadgirl said...

the nazotchi code:TMGC 83F8A72 623EBCB
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Anonymous said...

hi my id is ts5665 and i am i some need of help with votes for my contests so if any of you see me in the list please vote for me



Anonymous said...

ts5665 actually is dreamitchi
sorry about the mistake

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where to post my comment but I really need to figure this out. My Music Star tamagotchi is an adult and every single time its band plays in front of the judges 2/3 of my characters get O's while the 3rd one gets an X... so I fail. I have tried switching through all of my instruments (mic, timpani, saxophone) with the 3rd character in my band but it fails on each instrument.

any idea how to fix this?