Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tamagotchi Round the World

This post will be a review for " Tamagotchi 'Round the World" for the iPhone and iPod Touch:

Tamagotchi fans who have an iPod Touch or iPhone might be interested to check out this application. It is important to point out that this is not exactly a virtual pet, i.e. you don't take care of a single character. however you are required to take care of an entire planet along with all its living creatures. These creatures are known as Gaiatchi (plants, geysers, clouds and trees).

You control a Tamagotchi character and you need to take note of what the Gaiatchi require. In the above screen, for example, you can see the plant asking for poop...so you need to tell Mametchi to fertilize the area ;) . Other actions include: dancing for rain, playing rock-paper-scissors and tickling the tamagotchi character.

Tapping on a Gaiatchi, or the Tamagotchi character, will show you a series of actions that you can do. the actions mainly require you to tap and slide items across the screen. It sounds simple enough but it gets really challenging when you are required to do lots actions at the same time or when there are two or more Gaiatchi calling for attention.

The game has lots of levels and the graphics and animations are really cute and cartoony. You don't have to be a Tamagotchi fan to become addicted to this game. Also, it's very cheap (I bought it for €1.59 from my country). There is also the free demo, I'd suggest you download that first and buy the full version if you like it :)

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