Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tamagotchi Music Star / V6 - I bought it!!

Hi, All. I just bought a Tamagotchi Music Star from eBay. The above is a picture of the design I chose: the Pop Star design. I'm not sure when I'll be getting it in the post. I have to admit that I haven't been super-keen on getting this version. I've been reading a lot on the Tamagotchi Music Star and it looks sooo confusing and the music theme doesn't interest me that much in a Tamagotchi. Also I'm not sure if I'll appreciate the transition back to black and white after using the TMGC+C for 2 months. But today I found one that was really cheap so I decided to buy it...I just hope that I won't be disappointed. What do you guys think of this version? Do you like it? Is it as confusing as I think it is. I would love it if you left a comment with your thoughts about this version.
Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

It's pretty good but it's buttons
have some work to do sometimes it's like the buttons don't work.
Over all it's 4 stars out of 5.
Note:how the date works is a bit off
on the older ones it's M->D->time
but on the music star it goes

Jesmond said...

Thanks for the comment Rachel. Well the date wouldn't be a problem for me since I'm from Europe and here we always put the day before the month.

Anonymous said...

Im soo happy for you Jesmond,they are sooo fun but they can be a bit needy!

Tamagotchi Crazy

Anonymous said...

this website is awsome you are soooooooo lucky you have a tamagotchi color

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ya. I like it so far... but I've only had it for a day. I don't know much about it. But what I have done is really fun. I would probably give it a 9/10. The buttons don't always work and the games are kinda confusing at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it there are no problems. I can easily use the buttons now and the games are also easy to play. I didn't know what to do with the exlamation mark on the screen for about 10 minutes until I finally noticed the door highlited. I'm glad I clicked it because it was the king giving me 2000 GP and I was happy. So, ya, when I got it, I would have to rate it a 4, but now that I understand it, I would rate it a 9/10. Hope you have fun with yours!

P.S. My tamagotchi already evolved into the starfish tamagotchi, and it's favorite toy is a ball.

~Flarg101 2

Caitlin said...

Hi I'm Caitlin, and i have just bought a tamagotchi music star but, i don't know how to sync it to the computer website www.tamagotchieurope.com ?? Please help, when i click Pc it gives me a code and i dont know how it is useful to me or quite frankly what to do wit it, Please help :p
Caitlin 12

Jesmond said...

ok, so first you go to tamatown.com and you press on the big guitar in the middle. Then when everything has loaded up, click on the big button on the right with the text "create free account", then just follow the instructions, and you should receive an email. then go back to the first page (after you click on the big guitar) and enter the user id and password that you chose. You should be taken to tamatown. Now on the right you'll see a button with the text "Log in". click on it and enter the username (the one you chose when you started your tamagotchi muisc star) and password (the code that your tamagotchi gives you) that you have on your tamagotchi music star. Let me know if this has helped you.

Anonymous said...

that is one cool tamagotchi there your got you are lucky i want one what country do you come from?
take care cause it can get in the rain and it will be ruiend

Anonymous said...

i wnt one

Anonymous said...

hiya jesmond

how do i get a user id and a password
can u give me one please

mametchi1000/1000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mametchi1000/1000 said...

Hello, on youtube, I published all codes to did a copy/stick !
I'll give the codes v4 v5 and all characters v6 for you!


Access preschool,parents and king:
v4 character: ____CUER_____515E94B E182D8C
v4.5 character:____CUER_____C37F072 21BBC1F
Access school,parents,grands-parents and king:
v4 character: ____CUER_____02D4E23 91A7CDF
v4.5 character:____CUER_____12E6E23 91A7CDF
Access office and king:
v4 character: ____CUER_____709EB50 40902BD
v4.5 character:____CUER_____14F9747 20D6F79


Access only the website ask the login code to play:_____01096 30300


Boy Petitchi_____RIKKI__C21D50B 5ADDF82
Kuribotchi_______GRANT__E2B0E59 434C21B
Kuchitamatchi____RIKKI__B636C29 189FB90
Kikitchi_________RENEE__B506A72 6E83729
Hinotamatchi_____JUANC__18A420D 1A18223
Nonopotchi_______RIKKI__F2A6542 5ACBF96
Mametchi_________MELMO__388B067 71D02CD
Kuromametchi_____RENEE__82A90E1 6BF61B6
Shimashimatchi___MELMO__8F1F506 059B5C1
Togetchi_________JADE___EED95D6 2D97ECA
Kuchipatchi______SORA?__10DA3C9 0A7DBBF
Dorotchi_________WAWA___79484D4 C002F3D
Tarakotchi_______MENG___8ED3D8C ECCAF32
Androtchi________RIKKI__D15CF80 47ACEC7
Gozarutchi_______MENG___9CAB5B6 AB80B43
Tosakatchi_______MEME___FAF9703 5BDEC30
Ojitchi__________MENG___0D53DAF A18FBC5
Rexitchi_________WAWA___FFA24A7 C301F44
Girl Petitchi____RIKKI__846B92F 74FFD83
Hitodetchi_______RIKKI__9204F29 1299B0F
Tamatchi_________EQU____D67B1FC 33EF818
Chamametchi______WRATH__D9ED679 53A4DA3
Ichigotchi_______WRATH__1C3433A 0BF0BA8
Ringotchi________RIKKI__7276804 1896B94
Mimitchi_________OLGA!__54C5348 367DDC5
Chantotchi_______TOM!!__C1B716F 7631F43
Memetchi_________DG L___B6C2CB1 6AC7CC9
Makiko___________RACHE__700DB57 FB6A249
Violetchi________DANAN__A7BBCE3 680C5B6
Onputchi_________SOCKY__0203E6D 2E9192F
Sebiretchi_______RIKKI__C0E56C8 23AF8BC
Maidtchi_________MENG___D9428B7 C9E6D3E
Masktchi_________RIKKI__B07A8E7 1F8EAB4
Kunoitchi________WRATH__6BED793 52B8EB3
Otokitchi________TMGC!__358F73E 25538CE
Dangoobatchi_____OLGA!__A3DF22C 1C0E9C7
Dreamitchi_______BEN____448F7E4 6822FBD
Dazzilitchi______AARON__329E0C0 52230CE
Spotchi__________TMGC!__63FAA72 632EDCB
Mochatchi________TMGC___93F9A72 623EBCB
Nazotchi_________TMGC___83F8A72 623EBCB

My account is AQ6866!
Vote for me!
Give a nice present!
Let's join my band!
Promise that all is possible upon you.

vchips97 said...

hi, Jesmond i did what you said but at the last page where your supposed to print your information i keep clicking next and i wont let me go to the next page...Please help!

Bronte Xo said...

heyyuh peeps,
thankyou jesmond for the advice on how to log in! was soo confuzzled :S lol. nyways now got another problem - on the tamagotchieurope website the screen goes dark all the time and wont let you click anything, so you have to start again over and over and over...etc... plzz help! it not even my tamagotchi it family friends 9 yr old catherines and im just helpin!
thankyou ever soo much,
Bronte Xo
(13 yr old from england)

pamela said...

How come all of the new tamagotchi v6 look different den mines cuz i went to look at them and it hadnt shown mines but i know mines a music star v6 it has pink blue purple and green stripes across it and stars w/ a sphere and sparkles ever heard of it ? and if u hadnt seen it before ill send u a pic and email me bout it my email is chocolategirl980@gmail.com