Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Batteries

Well after 8 weeks my TMGC+C ran out of battery power for the first time. I came home from school and found the above screen. I could not understand what it meant. Then I saw the + and - signs on the cheeks of the little guy and it finally hit me that it was a picture of a battery...I don't know where my imagination is these days :)
Thankfully I had bought some rechargeable AAA batteries from this website (click here) for a really cheap price (4 batteries for $5.77 and FREE shipping). I really like this site. It has some really interesting stuff for really cheap prices and all shipping is free! Just check out the website and tell me what you guys think.
I'll keep you updated.


neoroey said...

Thanks for the info! I may never get a Tamagotchi + Color but it's always good to see something new. And don't worry. Your imagination is still strong if you figured out that it was a battery at all. I thought it was an event where they dress up as +- candies :p .

pause person said...

Hi! Haven't looked here in a while! Nice tama colour! I don't think your imagination has gone, I just think maybe you have stopped been able to recognize crazy batteries :D

Jesmond said...

Hi Pause Person, it's sooo nice hearing from you again :D
The reason why I said that about my imagination is that I just couldn't understand what the picture meant. Only after about 15 minutes did I see the +- signs and then realised what it meant. At first I thought that my tama was celebrating a new occasion,then I thought that maybe it had died (and maybe the character with the +- cheeks was my tama's ghost), then I thought that maybe it had grown into a new character that was not listed on the growth chart! Grrr, then I saw the +- and it was soooo obvious what it meant :D

Anonymous said...

Please post some more stuff that has happened on your tamagotchi Jesmond! I love your blog!
PS I am the person who asked you if you have to pay in japanese money for the tamagotchi+color!