Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color - Makikotchi

Hello everyone. Well since the last time I posted, my Ichigotchi grew up into Makiko. The way I got this character was by taking really bad care of her. I never played with her, instead gave her snacks, I always let her call for attention before I tended to her needs. So if you have a TMGC+C and you want to get this character you need to take horrible care of her. You don't need to worry about the TMGC+C dying on you, this version is very resilent and handles neglect like a champion ;P Once I forgot my Oyajitchi at home while I was away for a whole day. When I got back home I was sure that Oyajitchi had died. I was surprised that he was still alive. He was in a really bad shape (lots of poop, very sick, unhappy and starving) but still alive. Anyway, here are some pics I took of Makiko:

Makiko hanging around her new log-cabin

Closeup of Makiko

I bought this white jar from the Tama-Depa and Makiko put the stuff all over her face :D

I look like a ghost!! :3

I'll be letting Makikotchi get old so that I'll try to get Gorippatchi. I'll keep you posted about new updates.

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