Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tamagotchi + Color: Ichigotchi

This will be another post about Ichigotchi. In the last post about my TMGC+C I said that I was trying to get Gorippatchi by marrying Otokitchi. Well, after I got Otokitchi and married her she had another baby boy so I ended up with Oyajitchi yet again :(
Now my personal theory is that you can only get Gorippatchi by getting Ojitchi and letting him get married. I'll try that out when I get my next baby boy. The Ojitchi had a baby girl so I can't try out this theory right now...hopefully I'll get a boy in the next generation.
Anyway, right now I have Ichigotchi and here are some shots I took of her this morning:

Here's an interesting shot. I was trying to get the happy items so I changed the date to 22nd July and when I went outside I saw the above screen. I don't know what it means but it looks cool :)

I bought the above bottle of...whatever...with it you can automatically bring down your tama's weight. It was really expensive (about 4000GP)

Ichigotchi using her new weight-loss, product :)

Also I just took this picture because I think it's uber-kawaii!! I gave Ichigotchi the jar of white stuff I bought last week and for some reason she started jumping on top of a cream cake. So sweet ;)


Mikou said...

Ahmm... is this Gorippatchi? http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g310/binary_pics/Gorippatchi-close.jpg

Jesmond said...

yes that's her. Did you manage to get her? How did you do it?

Miyou said...

Actually it's not my character on my Tamagotchi+color,that's from binary,i'll try to ask binary at tamatalk,my character is young mametchi

Mikou said...

Sorry wrong typed name

Mikou a.k.a. Freedert said...

Hello,i got an answer from TamaTalk Guide binary,but i think what the theory you said,it's correct

Here's binary's answer:


Mating two oldies can result in either a boy child or a girl child on the TMGC+C. If it's a girl, she grows up to be Gorippatchi.


Jesmond said...

Well, there's only one way to find out. I'll have to try again :)