Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey, it's OsuMesu21

Hello everybody! Welcome to Familitchi! :)

You might know me as OsuMesu21, from Tama-Zone. If you don't, let me tell you about myself: I'm a Tamagotchi lover from way back in 1997. I've got a growing collection of Tamagotchi pets, new and old, English and Japanese. I heard this blog was looking for another writer, and how could I pass up the opportunity? ^_^

I'm also the creator of the "Clover Edition Tamagotchi", a Tamagotchi concept I created several years ago. It's basically an idea of how to make a Tamagotchi that's not only technologically advanced, but also appeal to Tamagotchi's very broad audience. Yes, more people than just girls love and collect these things. :P

Just to start off, here's a picture I took of my Music Star today. I'm raising an Otokitchi named Yuki, her husband Dorotchi, and a baby boy. After 6 generations, the baby will be my second boy...I've had way too many girls on this version. xD

I wonder why Otokitchi looks nervous? It's just a bunny and its eggs.


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!Gotchi-Gotchi! said...

OM21? Wow! Congratulations! You obviously know who I am.
Anyway, it's good that you're posting on this blog now. I come on here everyday.
By the way about your Music Star, I don't think Otokitchi is nervous. i think that dirt/dust is flying off her. Like in the V4 and the lower versions, Ojitchi has dirt flying off him in certain animations.