Monday, April 27, 2009

Help needed.

Hello everyone. It's been such a long time since I last made a post on this blog. I apologize for that. As I've said in an earlier post I have been extremely busy lately and that explains my lack of blogging.
I have some important news: I've decided to outsource some help from you guys. I need ONE person who has a blogspot account and who is interested in Tamagotchis. He/she needs to be able to write interesting posts about anything that concerns Tamagotchis: news, updates and engaging Tamagotchi logs with lots of clear photos. If you are interested then please send me an email on jesmmifs@mail.com
This blog gets about 400 unique visitors every day so I am searching for someone who shows a dedication towards the main subject (Tamagotchis) , someone who can write interesting posts for my audience. Also, I'll be PAYING the person who is chosen to join this blog. Please don't expect payment to be very high...I hope that the people who contact me will do so because they like Tamagotchis, and not because they want to earn money. Still, payment is always an extra motivational tool ;) So, don't forget to send me an email to jesmmifs@mail.com if you're interested.

UPDATE: The above offer has now ended. We now have a new collaborator on this blog. Please welcome: OsuMesu21. Some of you might know OsuMesu from Tama-Zone. I am so happy to hear that we'll be reading posts from such a big Tamagotchi fan.


Anonymous said...

who turely wants to help won't need money(I want to help but i can't write good posts and i won't be of much help)

Mariam said...

Cool! I have a blog, but I cant get any tamagotchi pictures on it. I can write posts and stuff like that.

Laura Terry said...

ill be happy to help without pay. my blog is tamafans.blogspot.com. please spred the word jesmund next time you post something.