Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tamagotchi Music star - Masktchi

Oh I'm so disappointed with myself :( I got a Masktchi as my first adult character on my Music star. As many of you might now, Masktchi is the unhealthiest character you can get and results from very bad care. Now although I admit that I wasn't taking perfect care of my music star, i'm sure that I did not take horrible care of it. I think that I ended up with this character because I was feeding baby food to Cordy and apparently this is not enough to fill up the hungry hearts. Baby food is the defualt food item and it never gets used up so you can feed your tama as much of this food as you want. However baby food should only be given to babies and for toddlers and older charcters, you need to buy food from the shop. Now I really hated this new feature because you have to spend a lot of money buying extra food which can only be used once. The same applies to snacks. Anyway, here's a picture of my Masktchi:

The other band members also grew up. I now have an Onputchi and a Kutchipatchi. Here's a picture of them (note that they now play pop music):

Also I have some different news. I bought a Mothra Tamagotchi for just $4! :D How cool is that? For those who don't know what a Mothra Tamagotchi is: Bandai issued this version during the released of the Japanese movie: Mothra 2. I won't be taking care of this tamagotchi just yet because I'm already taking care of the Tamagotchi Music Star and the TMGC+C. But when I do decide to take care of it I will be logging it here. Here's a quick picture I took of my new Motra:


三女花子 said...

You bought it for 4 dollars? Where did you get it from?

Jesmond said...

I bought it from eBay. You can find some really great deals from there.

Anonymous said...

Um i need some help with the tamagotchi music star i need to know how to play the game at music school. Please help!

pixiegirl454 said...

with the school game there r the members of your band. the 1st button is for the upper left tama, the middle button is for the middle tama. the last one the upper right tama. when ever a music note pops up... 4 example, the middle tama has a note above its head. press the middle button, and so on for the other tamas hope dis helps. by the way did you ever looked in your insturction sheet of how to work it? its in between the paper in the case of your tama.

pixiegirl454 said...
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Anonymous said...

once ur an adult and u do ur auditions and stuff, u will start making millions of points so buying food shouldn't be a problem

Anonymous said...

Hi, i didnt want to make a username and all of that but call me kamaro50,
My music star tama wont evolve into masktchi or gozarutchi! i treat it horrible to get them because they are awesome. i got gozarutchi once and i was happy. i got masktchi once on my v4 but it broke please help me get a
Mametchi, Gozarutchi, or Masktchi!