Monday, March 9, 2009

My Tamagotchi Music Star - died :(

Here's a picture for all those who have a music star and are curious to know what happens when it dies:

For any of you wondering: yes, my Tamagotchi Music star died. I forgot to pause it when I went to school today and it died. I know that it's unfair that I have a tamagotchi music star and that I'm not enjoying it, but the truth is I simply don't like this version at all :( It's just so different and it requires so much attention, even feeding this tama is a chore: you have to buy food every time. Not to mention that it's a nightmare using the buttons. I understand that there are many people who are truly enjoying this Tamagotchi and I completely respect that. There are some nice new features such as the new interactive Tama Town. People who are into the latest music fad (American Idol, High School Musical etc...) will really enjoy this tamagotchi. But personally I think that the music theme gets in the way of the simple joys of raising a virtual pet.

Now I haven't really given up all hope on the TMS just yet :) I'm gonna give it one last try and I'm really going to try and enjoy it this time. So here goes:

I pressed the A and C button to start a new generation and waited for the egg to hatch: I got a boy this time :) Also notice that I received a robot for the Tamagotchi to play with and his instrument is a saxaphone...I'm betting that the future band will be big on Jazz Music :D

I named my new baby boy: Xander (some of you might be noticing a pattern here ;p).

An hour later, Xander grew up into Kutchitamatchi who is another vintage favourite of mine :)

I really hope that this log will be better than the last one (which lacked a lot of energy and enthusiasm...my fault, I know). Even though this is my least favourite Tamagotchi version so far, I'm going to try my best to be more enthused with it. Check back soon :D


Mariam said...

Hi Jesmond!
I just wanted to ask how you link pictures from one site to an email.

Jesmond said...

I don't think I understood you Mariam...are you talking about putting an image in an email? You just attach it right?

Mariam said...

Yeah thats what Im talking about but how?

Jesmond said...

I don't see how that's relevant to this blog....it depends on what mail client you are using. Usually there's a button or a link with the words "Attach" or "Attach file" or something like that, and then you select the image or whatever it is that you want to send with your email.

Mariam said...

Ok Thanks!! :-)

Mariam said...

Why isnt any one posting? Its been such a long time!

pLoEnNy* said...

Hi there!
I just bought the tamagotchi colour and it's my first tamagotchi ever!
At first I was shock a bit bcus the instructions were all in Japanese but after I had read your blog it became much much easier...your blog is really helpful :)

I hope you wouldn't mind if I'll ask you some questions

btw,my English is not so strong as it's not my mother tongue...hope you'll understand what i'm trying to say here ;)

Jesmond said...

Hi pLoEnNy*. Your English is fine and English is not my first language either. Also congratz on getting your TMGC+C, you're going to love it :D. If you find any problems, ask away. I'd be happy to help :)

Hi Mariam. I'm going to put some updates real soon. I took some interesting photos but I have not found the time to create a new post yet. I'll try later today.

ali said...

are tamagotchi color's (i think thats what they are called) available in america?

Jesmond said...

Right now they're only available in Japan

kenken10010 said...

hi im having trouble in loging in help! nice blog by the way :3 thank you thank you thank you thank you

Jesmond said...

What exactly is the problem you're encountering. Make sure that you enter the username you entered the first time you started the your Tamagotchi Music Star.

kenken10010 said...

ok but is there any other steps

kenken10010 said...

ya what do I press first giv me full instruction please!

Jesmond said...

ok, so first you go to tamatown.com and you press on the big guitar in the middle. Then when everything has loaded up, click on the big button on the right with the text "create free account", then just follow the instructions, and you should receive an email. then go back to the first page (after you click on the big guitar) and enter the user id and password that you chose. You should be taken to tamatown. Now on the right you'll see a button with the text "Log in". click on it and enter the username and password that you have on your tamagotchi music star. Let me know if this has helped you.

kenken10010 said...

thanks helped meso much but it says you can upload items for your tamagotchi how oh and one more thin whats the login pass word for when you press pc ? i have a tamagotchi music star

Jesmond said...

The login password is used to log into tamatown...like I explained in the previous message. You type in your username (the one you chose when you first started the tamagotchi Music star) and then type in the password that you are given when from the pc option.
Also items you buy can be sent to your tama by entering their codes (you're given these codes when you sign out of tamatown)

kenken10010 said...


Dazzletchi said...

Hey Jesmond,
I was just wondering if you could see my blogspot too... I was actually tried to sign up to blog at this blogspot, but I guess I just made a new blodspot. It's kind of simple right now because I just made it right now, and maybe you can help me. The blogspot it



kLownn said...

Hi Jesmond! First I wanted to say that i've been keeping up with your blog since about mid last year and it's been very helpful to me. (:
I have a question about the tamagotchi music star... I can't seem to find out how to earn gotchi points! I'm scared to buy things in the shop on the tama because.. well I don't have a lot left. >__> Please help!! Thanks. :)

Jesmond said...

1. Find some other friends and connect! If you have practiced with your instrument sufficiently you should win any competitions against friends and increase your points.

2. Do concerts with your adult tamagotchi. Concerts are judged and a positive review by the judges will earn extra points.

3. Always answer the door. If the door icon is highlighted, click it, a guest will enter. The guest will give you a letter (that might give you hearts, poop, or stars) or he could possibly give you 200,000 gotchi points.

4. Play mini games like Music Studio, Cake Shop, or Fruit Harvest. These games give points as prizes if you win.

Anonymous said...

I got the music star for my b-day a month ago and i love it. Its on it 3rd generation right now, but at first i didnt like it. it seemed so much harder than the last tamagotchis i've owned. but once you get the hang of it its so easy. at least it was for me. dont worry about practicing your instrument, it will do that itself. and play the music games cuz they increase the stats and they lower your tamgotchis stress.
if you practice with your band once a day you'll make it to the top in no time.

Anonymous said...

when i try log in with my username on tamatown.com, it doesn't work. It comes up saying username invailed, use A-Z letters or something like that. My username is TASHH, so i don't understand. I put my password in and everything! PLEASE HELP!

Jesmond said...

Is the username you're using (TASHH) the one you typed in your Tamagotchi Music Star? Becuase id it is then you're doing it wrong, you should create an account first (There's a green button on the right with the words "Create a free account").

Anonymous said...

hi jesmond!
i want to ask u how to log in to tamagotchi music city i mean i have a tamagotchi music star but i dont no how to get the username and user password ( username is mandy) but it keep saying it doesnt match so can u please help me

Anonymous said...

Hi your site was very helpful.
I need some help myself...
I play lots of games on it but i don't earn any points! All I earn is music skills. And I don't have enough to buy anything so I keep having to give it baby food and baby milk. Another problem is that when you press the door and press 'away' it doesn't do anything. In the instructions it says its supposed to go to school. My tamagotchi is supposed to be going to preschool.

Anonymous said...

the games themselves don't earn you much money. You'll earn lots of money when they become adults and start doing shows.
To go to school /pre-school press the B button when you see the 'away' sign on the screen.

Anonymous said...

umm, i have a question. well, i can log onto tamagotchi music star fine and everything. but after i enter the log in code from my tamagotchi, the tamagotchi music city turns a bit grey, and i cant press any of the buttons. can i know why this is so?

Anonymous said...

i meant, i cant press any buttons in music city. if possible, could you tell me how i could fix this? thanks :D

kylee said...

Hi jesmond!
i just got a music star, thinking it was the new ones that just came out but i like it the ? is how to get on internet with it i made every thing but every time i go on it says u have no mach what do i do ??? i NEED HELP

kylee said...

ok jesmond i did every thing it told me to but i didnt recieve and email how long does it take because i have wated for it for at least 15 mins???

Jesmond said...

You should receive the email immediately. make sure that it did not go into your spam folder.

Leigh Ann said...

Hi Jesmond :)

I have a Tamagotchi Music Star, and I'm aware that it's not your favorite, I'm sorry :(
But I have a few questions about it, if you wouldn't mind answering them?

mametchi1000/1000 said...

mametchi1000/1000 a dit…
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v4 character: ____CUER_____02D4E23 91A7CDF
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Hinotamatchi_____JUANC__18A420D 1A18223
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Anonymous said...

Hey I'm just wondering if it is really necessary when signing up for your account to print off the page...I dont have a printer..so of course after I filled in all of my info it shows the page.."review your account"..and suggests you print it..welll I cant soo I pressed next....and it doesnt do anything at all=S....is really necessary???

Anonymous said...

jesmond, how do u get another insturment? my tama is an adult and only has one !!!

Josephine said...

Hi, just a quick question. When your Tamagotchi on Music Star dies, do you still keep the items and food you had before it died or is it like restarting..? Would appreciate a reply soon,


kardinz said...

hi jesmond. My sister got a tamagotchi music star the other day and she doesn't know how 2 use it.(the instructions got ripped up by the dog).
any websites you know of with instructions for it.and how is xander now?
okay thanks bye.

Anonymous said...

It didnt die!!!! It ran away idiot!

Wolf Nanaki said...

Anon 1:10 : You must be new to Tamagotchi. All Tamagotchi pets die, it's just censored differently.

H.M. Angel said...

I just discovered your blog, and I just wanted to say, I'm sorry for your loss, and no, I don't enjoy music stars either. From H.M. Angel


Rena said...

Hi! I just found out about this blog recently and it has been very helpful. I have a question about music city, though. I go to tamatown and all thats there is a big advertisement with all the versions on top. I though I should click the music star version cuz thats where i wanna go. Everytime I try to go it always, ALWAYS say that my connection to the server was lost. Is that because of my computer, the website, or me?

Lucy said...

Hi Jesmond
I went on your blog and found it really helpful :)
The only problem is how do you choose a username and password on you Tamagotchi Music Star?
I mean I've tried quite a few passwords and usernames but nothing quite seems to work...
Very confusing
Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

where do u buy tamagotchi music star? which toy rus ? i don`t use websites i just love it so much! pls reply thks!

Elaine said...

Do you lose all your money and stats when it dies?