Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tamagotchi Music Star - Chamametchi

Hello everyone. Well since last time I logged about my Tamagotchi Music Star, my Tamatchi grew up into Chamametchi. I think I like her better on the TMC+C but she's kawai none-the-less :) She grew up yesterday but by that time it was dark outside so I couldn't take pictures of her (best tamagotchi pictures are taken in natural light).

I've been learning some new stuff about this Tamagotchi version. I'm still finding it a bit confusing, but hopefully I'll figure it all out by the second generation. I'm finding this version to be very similar to the V4 and V4.5. For example, you have three types of skill-points to raise (although now they're referred to as music-skill-points). There is also pre-school for toddlers (Mrs Frill makes a comeback too :D). Just this morning, Cordy (you might recall that that's what I called my tama) left pre-school and joined two other characters (Nonopotchi and Ichigotchi) and together they formed a band. You get to give a name to the band, I called the band: the Limes ! :) Don't ask me why, I just thought that it sounded cool. Here's a picture of them together:

Also, it seems that the Limes play only Asian music. I don't really know what determines the kind of music they play, maybe it depends on the music skill points earned?

That's it for today, I'll try to make regular updates but it's a bit difficult for me right now, cos I'm soooo busy with school work and studying. I have some big exams coming my way. I can't wait till they're all over :D


josh said...

whats teh exclamation mark mean, nevr got to read instructions at all.

any tips or anythign also

Jesmond said...

I found it difficult myself to understand what the exclamation mark meant. It means that there is someone at the door. go to the sixth icon (shaped like a door) and press it. Sometimes you need to select 'Away' to see who's at the door.

Anonymous said...

The exclaimation mark means attention. You know when the icon at the bottom lights up well bandai just made it easier for us, when ever the icon lights up you get and exclaimation mark ant the top of you tamas head.and it can also mean someone is at the door or when you have a concert.

Love, Tamagotchi Crazy

Mariam said...

Chamametchi is so cute! I got her 4 or 5 times on my tamagotchi v5.

Anonymous said...

The kind of music your band plays depends on the type of instruments they play EX: If you have a harp you play clasiccal music

chamametchi_rules said...

cute add her to my pictures icon

TAMA CRAZY said...