Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tamagotchi V5 - Group photo

It's been a while since I last posted a 3D image...and I need to apologize yet again for not posting often , it's just that lately I have so much to do, with school assignments mostly. However I haven't forgotten this blog and to make up for my absence I decided to post a group picture of my favorite Tamagotchi V5 characters together. This picture was somewhat difficult to make, mostly because I had to figure out how to place the characters, then I had to edit it with photoshop. I can proudly say that this is my favorite 3D image so far and I decided to place it as my desktop background...so kawaii! :)
The characters you see in the above picture are as follows: On top left-hand corner is Sunnitchi, then in the center cloud, from left to right there is: Belutchi, MemePapatchi, Onputchi and Potetchi. In the foreground there is Korokotchi, Mamekatchi and Hatsugatchi. Aren't they all cute together? Remember that this picture is for sale ($2). Click here to contact me if you want to buy it. Just tell me that you want to buy this group picture and I will send you 3 high-resolution, watermark-less copies of this picture. Before I leave I would like to tell you to check out my new shop (click the "SHOP" link on the right side of this page), it has a cool new layout and there is new stuff to buy too. A friend of ours kindly offered to host the shop page, I hope you enjoy it :D. Please tell us what you think.
That's it for today. Check back soon for updates :)Tamagotchi cheats Tamagotchi cheats Tamagotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi cheats Tamagotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi cheats Tamagotchi cheats Tamagotchi virtual pet virtual pets


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cool photo

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