Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tamagotchi v4.5 - UraYoungMarotchi

It's been quite a while since I last logged about my V4.5, I apologize for that....It's just that things have been so hectic lately, however I've been taking pictures of my V4.5 so I can still give you the 101 on what's been happening: Fran (who was a Hitodetchi in her child stage) morphed into UraYoungMarotchi who is really sweet I must say. All of this character's animations were detailed and incredibly cute. I particularly liked her close-up animation, it's so detailed. It's amazing what the people at Bandai can do with such a small resolution: Fran has now grown into a Horoyotchi, unfortunately, the photos I took of her came out a bit blurred because of the light. So I'll be taking better pictures of her tomorrow and posting them here. So...check back soon :)

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Tahia said...

lol my tamagotchi was a hitodetchi, then a urayoungmorotchi, and now a horotchoy too! lol thats a coincindence :]