Friday, December 27, 2013

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I last submitted a blog post. So much has changed in my life since the first time I wrote here, but I still like Tamagotchis. I wish I had more time to take care of them but I'm always so busy with my job and life in general.

I'm having a few weeks off from work and I'm enjoying the Christmas holidays. I also have enough time to take care of Tamagotchis. I'm currently running 4 tamas: Santaclautchi, Osutchi, Mesutchi and the Tamagotchi + Color. I started the latter a few days ago and I found Gorripathci...it's actually the same one I had blogged about years ago. She's been paused since then! I'm enjoying taking care of her. Now I just noticed something really interesting; when I try to use the door icon, it's won't let me leave the house. I thought this might be a glitch until I went outside and Gorripatchi seemed worried. Suddenly there was thunder and it scared Gorripatchi. So I can't use the door icon because there's currently a thunderstorm. It makes sense and I think it's such a nice touch. Makes it very realistic. Here's what the thunder looks like: 


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