Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tamagotchi P2

Hi everyone. I know it's been an eternity since I wrote a new post in this blog. I haven't forgotten about it though. I still read a lot of the comments and it seems like a lot of people are still visiting my blog everyday.

I thought I'd write a small tama log of the current Tamagotchi I'm running: a vintage P2! Vintage tamas are so basic but they're awesome in their own ways, don't y'all agree?

I currently have a tonmarutchi and I've been taking perfect care of it. I'm aiming at getting Mimitchi, which is one of my favourite characters. I've never got him on my P2 although I had him a few time on some of the more recent tamas. So, wish me luck, and I'm leaving you with a picture of my cute tonmarutchi :)

P.s. don't forget to leave comments! I promise there will be more posts soon. I ordered a Tamagotchi ID L 15th Anniversary edition and I'll blog about it after Christmas. I bought it as a present for myself and will only open it on Christmas day :)


Angel said...

so cool! i have a tamagotchi blog too! plus, i just got a pink japanese AngelGotch!

Tamagoctchi said...

Wow, really pleasant post. I love this marvelous virtual toy Kamagotchi. I have just ordered this at PIJ. I hope I will get this in 3 days. Your posted images really gorgeous. Thanks for your share.